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09/23 Minimal Monthly — The Climacteric Fast-Track

Published 5 months ago • 4 min read

September 2023

Minimal Monthly

Hi Reader,

There I was, minding my own business and ovulating like clockwork every month. Collagen galore in both my face and my bottom, not a single hot flash to be had. And then: I was slam-dunked into menopause overnight. What a rollercoaster. I swear if men went through this, the entire world economy would collapse within a week.

While I was wholly unprepared for such a journey, I am grateful in retrospect that my body decided to skip all the perimenopausal nonsense and just get things done pronto. It was over in a few months: my estrogen went from "hey baby" to "get the @#$%&! away from me you clown."

There it stayed, and here I am. A real woman. Now with hollowed cheekbones and a butt flatter than a pancake 😂

Oddly, I miss the sensation of my monthly flow. But on the plus side, I’ve found joy in this new-found minimalist liberation from having to think about hygiene products or plan around "period down-time." So there’s that!

If you’re a guy and your wife, lady friend or colleague is going through this dramatic life phase, there’s probably not much you can do except keep a stiff upper lip, try to be sweet and patient, and give her space when she's in monster mode. The fatigue and mood swings are truly incredible, absolutely inexplicable, and it really does put extraordinary stress on the body and psyche as the estrogen level so drastically drops.

Things do level out as the entire organism becomes accustomed to this new hormonal household. And the good news is that the male andropause with its ensuing lower level of testosterone can bring a more harmonious equilibrium into your relationship. It’s true that as we age, the male and female more closely hormonally converge. Isn't the human body amazing?


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Blog Updates

  • I had a rather unproductive month with some much-needed time off in the Holy Land, and it was glorious stepping away from the 'puter and doing pretty much nothing (apart from getting swept up in a crowd of 100,000 citizens demonstrating against Bibi's justice "reforms," ha). Am I beating myself up now for not getting everything done on my monthly to-do list? Nah. Here's how to let go and embrace bouts of unproductivity without feeling guilty about it.
  • It takes one handbag junkie to understand another handbag junkie. Why would one drop five figures on a bag? The 6-8% average annual return on investment is one reason. This guide to caring for and storing a designer handbag collection helps keep your babies looking good for years, whether for re-sale or passing them down.

Stuff I've Loved

  • More women are talking about menopause and I think it's high time. Antonia over at Balance Through Simplicity has a great long read on her own experience, and how minimalism is helping her get through it.
  • Speaking of age and aging, how old is your body really? This quick self-test will tell you! BBC One also did a cute test on folks at a public park.
  • Ok so now you're depressed after that self-test and wish you had functional knees, I get it. But we're all getting older. The question is, where do you want to be when you're really old? Kiplinger has a good article on what to consider when planning future renovations if you want to age in place at home. Via @syievelocklair.
  • Next time you start pulling your hair out because your kitchen’s so tiny, take a look at these New York City kitchens where you have to wash your hair… because they literally double as the bathroom. Yup, fun fact, tubs in kitchens are a relict of a 1920s tenement law.

Signing off to go enjoy the last days of Indian summer. Enjoy your weekend!

Thank you for reading. If you have any comments or feedback, hit reply and drop me a line.

Have a great month ahead,

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