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10/23 Minimal Monthly — Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should

Published 4 months ago • 4 min read

October 2023

Minimal Monthly

Hi Reader,

Why do you want to get organised? I was watching a video by a woman named April Perry in which she asked that very question, and it got me thinking. Is it so you can do more, do it faster, better, at a greater level of productivity? And why do we always have to scale everything anyway? Where does this drive to make things better, bigger, faster, more productive, more efficient stem from? Is it really an evolutionary necessity or is it a collectively competitive, societal sickness of sorts?

Most of us organising aficionados will argue that staying tidy and productive frees up more time. And that's true. But then why do we pack even more onto our to-do list with that newly won time? Why do we feel we have to hustle on to the next big thing, go back and tweak stuff to perfection, and improve even the most banal of processes? Is it just because we can?

What if you said enough is enough? What if you sat and did nothing but gaze out the window with that extra time? Took a walk with no agenda and no destination in mind? Took, gasp, a whole day off in the middle of the week, let the kids fend for themselves as if it were the 80s, and went for a drive?


When I started blogging again for the first time since the early noughts, I was trying to regain some sort of balance in the aftermath of a redundancy that had put me through the wringer. Many days I still feel like I'm throwing spaghetti at the wall but over two years in, I'm coming to the realisation that I don't have to do everything I am capable of doing. Neither professionally speaking, nor at home. What a revelation.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not advocating for mediocrity. I am talking about living more intentionally. About feeling the satiation, knowing when you're full in the present, or, metaphorically speaking, when you've had enough. And questioning everything. Especially the stuff above your pay grade.

We make choices all day long, big and small. Including whether or not to slow down, whether or not to support war mongers, whether to scrap an idea or pursue it, or whether to leave the laundry to tomorrow because the sun is out today.

Just because we can do something, doesn't necessarily mean we should.


Speaking of sunshine. Now that the days are getting darker, it's hard to tank the sun needed for healthy bones and high spirits. Vitamin D deficiency is so widespread because it takes sunlight to produce it. My lab work this month though looked great and the doc was surprised I didn't have a deficiency. I'm pretty sure it's because I pop a D3+K2 every other day. Supplementing, to me at least, is a great minimalist life hack.

Vitamin D3 aids in the absorption of calcium, while K2 helps direct it to the bones and teeth. Because of their complementary effects, taking these two vits together can be more beneficial than taking them separately. I like the dosage of Doctor Safe, and the fact that there's some extra calcium in each capsule.

I'm not a doctor, just someone who has had good personal experience taking D3. Please ask a health professional if you have any questions about supplementing.

End of ad.

Blog Updates

  • I fell down the ole YouTube rabbit hole this past month. All in the name of research of course 😇. While I was there, some new cleanfluencers caught my eye, so I rounded up ten good cleaning channels I felt worth sharing.
  • If you're starting to scratch your head as to what to get everyone on your holiday list this year, check out my annual gift guide for some nifty small present ideas in different budget ranges. Also, I want a Stanley Quencher now.

Stuff I've Loved

  • ​Lupin on Netflix was a fun watch. Because my French is very much limited to un café au lait et croissant s'il te plaît, I had to turn subtitles on. But that turned out to have the added bonus of being totally relaxing because it made me focus and completely took my mind off of current events for a bit.
  • Here are six ideas for creating more closet space from the WSJ style section. The tall cabinetry built around the bed in here is a great idea for tiny bedrooms.
  • If you’re a fellow content creator who’s perpetually worried about pleasing everyone, this reminder from Sketchbook Skool is for you. Or rather, this video may not be for you.
  • Year in, year out. The emerging decor trends on TikTok for 2024, according to Real Simple. I feel like we've seen all this before. 🥱
  • Google Photos is working on a sort of automated digital decluttering function called Stacks. Kinda like the file stacks Apple has had for years?
  • It’s never too late to try something new. This former chemistry professor took up the craft of fused glass at the age of 73 and started her YouTube channel at age 90. Inspiring.

Happy Halloween! 👻

Thank you for reading. If you have any comments or feedback, hit reply and drop me a line.

Have a great month ahead,

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